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Jennifer Taverner, RHNP

Hi there! My name is Jen, and I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (RHNP). I'm also a professional opera singer, hence my business name! Singing for a living means my livelihood depends greatly on the state of my health.  It involves a lot of travel, long days of rehearsals, sometimes epic four-hour performances, and if you're feeling run down, those tiny little vocal cords are often the first to notice!

This was one of the reasons I became so interested in nutrition.  I started to realize how food can affect my overall health, and not just my dress size (but hey, I'll be honest, that was also a motivating factor). I began making small changes to my diet and I started to notice some amazing stuff! My seasonal allergies were practically non-existent (I used to keep Kleenex and Claritin in business!), I wasn't getting sick nearly as often, my skin was clearer, my VOICE was clearer, I had more energy, and yes, I dropped some weight. Bonus! I know now that some of the foods I was eating before were causing inflammation, and that the inflammation was basically the root of all my issues.

This totally fascinated me, and I eventually decided to head back to school to study nutrition and graduated with a diploma in Advanced Holistic Nutrition at Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition. So here I am, sharing my passion and helping others discover the healing power of food!

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