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The famous expression "end on a high note!" suggests that the beginning and middle were less than optimal, but in the end you finish strong, on a high note! My goal as a Holistic Nutritionist is to help you not only END on a high note, but to LIVE on a high note! As in NOW!! I want to help you achieve your health goals so that you feel amazing everyday, and find your healthiest, happiest self!

  • Are you trying to lose weight but nothing is working?
  • Do you feel sluggish, bloated, or tired all the time?
  • Are you constantly craving sweets?
  • Do you suffer from inflammation and stiff joints?
  • Do you get frequent colds or flus?

I can help! My approach focuses on making simple, manageable changes that will make a lasting impact. I don't believe in restriction because who wants to live a life without wine, chocolate, or the occasional plate of nachos? There's a lot of confusing nutrition information out there! Should I eat gluten-free? Paleo? Vegan? Keto? Do I really need to buy organic? Is cholesterol good or bad?  This is where a nutritionist can really help! We all have individual needs, and what works for one person, may not be the right solution for another.  Together, we'll work to find a lifestyle and way of eating (notice I didn't say "diet") that works for you and your goals.


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